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Kidney Stone Management

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ScopeGuardian™ Laser Fibres

Don't lose sign with ScopeGuardian™ the only solution for multiple insertions through a deflected scope

  • ScopeGuardian™ stops endolumenal scope damage and allows for multiple insertions through a deflected scope; allowing uninterrupted vision and preventing the loss of kidney stone position.
  • ScopeGuardian™ combined with our CoreFlow™ Technology gives you the best protection of your capital equipment whilst optimising patient outcomes.
  • Available individually or packaged with ScopeSafe™ fibres in a range of core sizes, 200, 272 and 300µm.


Clinical Spotlight

Dr Landman at the Department of Urology, University of California and his clinical team evaluated ScopeSafeTM laser fibres and the ScopeGuardian™ sheath to investigate endolumenal working damage.

After 100 multiple insertions at various scope deflections they reported no scope damage and concluded:

The ScopeGuardian™ Sheath prevented mechanical working channel damage with minimal diminishment of deflection and irrigation flow.