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ScopeSafe™ Laser Fibres

Proven Superior irrigation flow with minimal loss of deflection

ScopeSafe™ Laser fibres protect your capital equipment and provide you with superior flexibility, irrigation flow and comprehensive choice in the market.

The unique patented filter system, CoreFlowTM Technology protects your capital equipment and reduces repair costs.

ScopeSafe™ laser fibres are the only true 200µm and 300µm core fibres on the market and are available in a selection of disposable and reusable formats.


CoreFlow™ Technology

  • Stops errant energy entering the cladding of the laser fibre, which can cause spontaneous fibre failure and scope damage.
  • Prevents blast shield damage; protecting your laser machine from expensive repairs


Clinical Spotlight

A recent independent study conducted by N.Rukin at the Royal Wolverhampton Hospital, concluded:

  • ScopeSafe™ laser fibres demonstrated superior flow and irrigation with minimal loss in deflection.
  • ScopeSafe™ laser fibres had the smallest fibre core of all the 200µm fibres evaluated.